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Partnership with the municipality of Zipaquirá, Colombia Colombia started the installation of 10 units of Sistema 12 in Zipaquirá. This digesters are sponsored by the municipality and will treat cattle waste to reduce greenhouse gases, use of firewood and increase production of local fertilizers to improve the quality of pasture and ultimately increase milk production in the region. Piloting biodigesters with to start the Ecuador Biogas Program   During the last week of November, the Colombian team installed… sales achievements 2018

Pig heating system in Santandercito, Colombia During the month of October,’s team in Colombia installed an air exchanger for heating piglets using  biogas in Mr. David Lozano’s farm. Now his energy savings are one thousand dollars per month. This is the first exchanger of two that will be installed in Santandercito Cundinamarca’s farm. They are using a Sistema 40 which is fed by 140 cows in gestation and 1300 in fattening. 1500 families, 9600 people, 61% market share Kenya… attracts funding from Hivos-Triodos Fund

The loan supports the expansion of biogas technology to smallholder farmers in East Africa November 19, 2018 Mexico City - the leading international supplier of biogas technology to smallholder farmers has raised funding from impact investor Triodos Investment Management through its Hivos-Triodos Fund. The loan will support in its ambition to reach over 200,000 farmers in the next three years around the world, especially with its expansion in East Africa. “Hivos-Triodos Fund aims to promote access to renewable…

Renewable energy to power farms

On October 5, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C. The headline was that the worst predicted effects of climate change are already beginning to happen and that globally, we have 12 years to achieve "rapid and far-reaching" transitions in land, energy, industry, buildings, transport, and cities. Today marks World Energy Day, held annually since 2012 to raise awareness of the importance of conservation and rational use of energy and to…

Biofertilizer, a way to achieve food security

This is the story of a family of smallholder farmers in Mexico. They wake up very early in the morning to start farm activities. They have a biodigester, this biodigester not only produces renewable energy but it also produces a very potent biofertilizer. The family does not use all the fertilizer they produce (an average of 1000 litres per week) which is why they collect it and bring it to the Biol Collection Center of IRRI Mexico and whose…

The road to rural women’s empowerment

Poverty, inequality and climate change are intrinsically linked to women, in particular, they are structurally vulnerable to these issues. According to FAO, 58 million women live in rural areas in Latin America and the Caribbean. Of this total, only 17 million are part of the economically active population and 4.5 million are agricultural producers.  However, even though both rural women and men play a crucial role in the sector, the latter face fewer constraints as they are more likely to…

Proudly celebrating her resilience through energy poverty

For the last one year, we have worked with strong and resilient women in the communities we serve in Kenya and around the world to finish energy poverty. Without a doubt, gender plays a key role in increasing adoption and sustainability of improved energy sources. Most often, women especially in rural areas spend most of their time in the farm and are primarily responsible for taking care of the farm activities and raising their families. Most importantly, they experience first-hand… team news from Q3

20 staff members in India Our India team keeps growing with talent and passion for farming. In a country in which almost 60% of the population depends on agriculture, our team is making a big change towards a sustainable agriculture in India. Piyush is the country manager supported by other 3 members part of the administration area; Himanshu now has a team of 5 technicians ready and trained to install; Koushik, Vimal and Vikas are now supported by 5…
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