Organic fertilizer, a way to preserve the ozone layer

The ozone layer is responsible for protecting the earth from UV rays and people from skin cancer, cataracts and for keeping our immune system active. Some gases destroy the molecules of O3 (ozone) in the atmosphere, among them are the chemical pesticides used in agriculture, the use of organic fertilizer helps to reduce these pesticides that damage the atmosphere.

Gases containing chlorine and bromine destroy ozone. The air carries these materials to the stratosphere where only one of these atoms can destroy several thousand ozone molecules before they go back down into the atmosphere and are removed by rain or snow. Bromine is found in methyl bromide, commonly used in chemical pesticides.

In 1994 the UN  with other international organizations signed the Montreal Protocol to reduce and eliminate these gases used as fumigants in agriculture and for pests control, but it is even more important to look for alternatives that help maintain healthy plants and a way to achieve this is through organic fertilizer.

Biofertilizer a potent organic fertilizer

Soil contains different elements, which interact to determine the health of the plants that grow in it. Organic matter, specifically humus, determines soil fertility. The way in which humus continues to be produced is thanks to microorganisms that live in the soil, facilitate the absorption of carbon and, at the same time, protect the plant from diseases and provide it with water and the nutrients they need.

The use of pesticides such as methyl bromide and fertilizers are highly toxic to humans, they sterilize the soil by killing all the microorganisms responsible for maintaining plants health. By depriving them of natural microorganisms, plants become dependent on chemicals, lose their natural defences and need more and more artificial elements just to survive.

Unlike pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the organic fertilizer produced by biodigesters called biol contains live microorganisms that help the soil to regenerate humus and plants, protect them from diseases so that they are healthy and can resist pests.

But why is biol as efficient as fertilizer for pest control? Animals eat plants, decompose organic matter in their stomachs taking what they need from them and disposing what they no longer need in their manure. The manure by itself already contains enough microorganisms that can be absorbed by the soil, however, in the biodigester, inside the reactor, they undergo a second decomposition process that, when sprayed on the soil, facilitates even more the soil absorption of the microorganisms.
This method respects the natural cycle of the earth and injects new life into soils that have become infertile due to the excessive use of agrochemicals, produce healthier foods, improving our health, farmers lives, mitigating climate change and protecting the ozone layer.

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