Awards and products emerges the 1st runners-up in the Renewable Energy Awards 2018

We emerged the 1st runners-up in the Renewable Energy Awards 2018. We are truly grateful for this achievement and we appreciate all our stakeholders for making it happen. We look forward to a better and bigger 2019 in our journey to #CreatingValueFromWaste

Biogas boilers launched in Kenya

“Now I have biogas, what next?”. This is a common question from our clients across the regions we operate in. boilers are finally here! Farmers can now enjoy hot baths, hot water in the kitchen, milking sheds etc. 

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Share on email logo is working with smallholder farmers to increase the productivity of their farms. We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing, installing and selling biodigesters in Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Kenya and India.

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40% Mayan women continue using firewood for cooking, no matter where you are, you can cross borders and improve their health by supporting biogas clean cooking. Donate and make a lifelong impact.