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Participation in the Land Restitution program in Colombia

The objective of this program is to give the land back to the people who were stripped by paramilitaries in Cundinamarca.
During the month of September, four Sistema 8 were installed as part of the land restitution program in Colombia. The main objective of this program is to return the land to the people who were stripped by the paramilitaries or guerrillas in Palma Cundinamarca.

Working with JIRCO on 6 slaughterhouses

In Jalisco; Mexico, our team has worked constantly to achieve the implementation of 6 systems in different slaughterhouses of the region with the main objective of reducing the environmental impact of water bodies contamination and soil recovery.

In this program, collaboration was also sought within the company, the municipalities and the local governments so that they could also participate in the implementation of the systems with the design of the trench and the gas line. In Mazamitla, Tamazula, Zapotiltic, and Pihguamo 40 systems were installed; in Tuxpan a Sistema 20 and the largest of the project in Zapotlán el Grande, a certificated slaughterhouse, a Sistema 200 was installed.

Reaching beyond Kenya

Our Uganda partners have continued to be a key pillar to our growth beyond Kenya. Thanks to the support of Biogas Solutions Uganda Limited, we installed 20 more pilot digesters in Q4, majority of which are the productive digester sizes. To this far, we are confident to officially launch operations in Uganda.

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